Friday, August 1, 2008

Dum Spiro, Spero!!! (While I breathe, I hope)

And I took the 26th step away from the life. The noose is getting looser; the wind is getting its act together. Being the kite, I don’t get to choose much but to take the direction the wind shows. I had some color on me when I set to fly, they got washed away in not sure which rain. Now I bear the whiteness where lot many went ‘artist’.

I am the sky now. It’s rain. The direction to its wind.
I’m the cloud now. It’s white. The weight on its wing.
I’m the bird now. It’s flight. The sound of his plight.
I am the hand releasing the rope-reel now. Its trick. The spin of the wheel.
I’m the earth now. The humility. The warmth of its belly.
That seems so far now. The distance. The length of the rope.

I know I can’t get to reverse it now. I was thriving to fly faster, fly higher. They told me not to hurry. Never thought that I will ever regret about leaving the earth that fast. Never thought I will ever regret about leaving that bird that soon. Never felt I will regret not being with the clouds that much, neither did I think that I will feel this sad to be so far from all of them.

Things had to change at the pace we decides to fly. The more changes, the more we climb the terrains of unrest. Bhagavad Gita says, “The equanimity of mind during all those changes in and around us is called “Yoga”.
Hmmm. May be.

When the mind ran behind maturity and when maturity turned agony and when mind learned abolishing the maturity, it was all my eccentric calls to connect and disconnect with the reel which set me out to this journey. When we are close, we wanna go far, when far, we make frantic attempts to get to the noose. Funny that we follow a pattern, knowingly, unknowingly. It makes it easier. The whole journey, the pattern.
He has been in my shoes. She has been in my shoes. They all have. I would have been and will be in theirs too. To make the game playable, someone made us follow the pattern. And we all did, do.

Dum Spiro, Spero!!! (While I breathe, I hope)

I hope to play it the odd way. The un-pattern-ised way. I am sure many would have chosen this path. Will there be a pattern set for this path as well? Am I choosing to live one of those patterns set forth to me? When the decision is made for me, why do I think? When the game is set for me, why do I strategize?

Dum Spiro, Spero!!!

I hope the game is new. I hope I will get to strategize. I hope I don’t just get to follow the invisible trails.

Dum Spiro, Spero! (While I breathe, I hope!!!)



Sree said...

Will there be a pattern set for this path as well?

Yes, there will be lots of patters set forth for you. But, listen to your heart. When you can overcome this you can overcome anything from alpha to zee.

All the best!

Good narration.....


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padma said...

well as usual,just like ur other writings,this one is also well written... a little hi fundu 2 or 3 times to understand the hidden meaning.. ;) cld have written simpler for poor souls like me to understand.. but yeah.. it has some kind of style... written in sophesticated way...and yeah i just loved the 1st paragraph :)

Jyo said...

Good work.Expressive Words.
As far as I think its lucky that you can imagine yourself as a white kite.It indicates your sincerity and willingness to accept the realities without a mask.
"When we are close, we wanna go far, when far, we make frantic attempts to get to the noose. "
This is a great truth.

You can hope for a new game without following the patternised way as you wrote and I am sure you will win that game.
All the best. Good work..keep it up.

work_of_fiction? said...

thanks people :)

Bits said...

found a word to describe you
"Sesquipedalian" :-)

nice one...... keep it coming more often... great to see a new burst of spirit. Just remember that the only thing thats always constant : CHANGE!!!

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Narrated beautifully with a good sophistication :) Great imagination..

Good Luck !

shreedevi said...

i guess others elucidation r much better than mine ... in simple words to write "its marvelous".....actually 1 of the best of its kind i hve come across ..... would love to read more of ur blogs ......

Anonymous said...

great writing..keep writin..I m wiatin for the next one


Vidya said...

Great imagination and good style of writing...

Keep writing!!!


nandana said...

Good style of writing i must say that.took some time to deduce the contents of ur writing..anyways keep up the good work.