Sunday, March 23, 2008

chucking it!

chuck the sense of attachment to things which don't deserve to be yours!
its ain't sad then.
chuck the sense of emotional bonding with someone who don't deserve any emotionality from you!
its ain't sad then.
chuck the memories, chuck the pain,
chuck the person from your brain and
chuck the bane of selfless emotionality
chuck the cloud and chuck the rain!

life is easy and simple when you just see it for yourself,
learned it the hardest way,but well done me!
i learned it at last, i think so
let me hope so,
make me believe so!

1 comment:

searching life said...

hi varun..finally writn 4 ur blog.ur poetry n ur odr writings r really gud...dis 1 is also vry gud..u can actually feel dem..comes strayt 4m d heart..gr8 thinkn...keep it up..
Evn d odr wrk of urs is really nice..u can explain an incident really well.n dats gud..u knw chetan bhagat also has dis strong pnt as wat he writes is in quite a common n expressiv lang..i realy enjoyd readn d whl stry of urs(whn u wer lockd up in ur house:)..gr8..cont writn gud stuff..u ll definatly b a gr8 writer 1 day as u wish too...bst of luck..god bless