Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Google got me Invisible!

Thank you Google. You made me invisible today. I know you are asking me to dream. Of course there were plenty of other messengers who told us that we could be invisible.
The thought of going invisible in real made me drool.

Ah! Wow!

Hmm. I think, there should be a list! Okay, here it goes for my Mr. India mode.

My list to do things

1. Walk into my boss’s cube to see my appraisal card.
2. Walk right into the next door gorgeous’s room and edit her boy friend’s number with mine in her mobile.
3. Travel around the world for free!
4. Go to Mallika Sherawat’s home and walk into shower with her. ;) And leave messages on her mirror saying ‘Wow, they are real!”
5. Blind fold every Australian cricketer when they are batting against India. May be I will allow Mcgrath to bat. Oh! He retired. Too bad for Aussies! :P
6. Walk into RBI’s currency printing section, see how they really do it and put my signature on the currency instead of the governor’s.
7. Walk into Parliament to see what the fuss is really about.
8. Go to Mayawati’s room and leave a message on her mirror saying “Oh hell with the people, go put more statues”
9. Walk into all the pubs, eat and drink for free.
10. Share stage with Obama and tickle him when he is addressing the press
11. Travel to space in the next space mission
12. Walk into White house and leave a note saying "Give me Las Vegas, I will give you Afghanistan"
13. Walk into the ATM with Mr. Ambani and watch when he is putting the ATM pin. Come back to the ATM with his card and withdraw good amount of money and then invest them all in buying reliance shares. See I am giving his money back to him.
However Ambani’s going to the atm will be the picture of the century. Nothing more can show the economy slow down in a frame that good.
14. Share the stage with Cold Play when they performing live!

Oh Google! What you did to me. I am sure someday we will go invisible.

Of course we will. ;)