Thursday, March 26, 2009

I, the news!

I always feel proud being a Woman. I know, I believe that we have a better, greater role to play in this world. I think we run it. Right?
Ha ha, Atul and Saurav thinks its they who run, keep it running.

We do fight over it. Many a times. But its fun with them. I know Atul since we were kids. He is Priya aunt’s one and only son. We grew up together. We fought together. We studied together. We made friends together and enemies too. Like that gal from grade A, I hate her. So does Atul. Saurav is Atul’s cousin. He came to Bangalore when his dad got transferred. His dad makes planes. Atul and Saurav too want to make planes when they grow up.

I too know what I want to be. I want to be a news anchor. Like Barkha Dutta. She is too good. She is my role model. Ever since I started admiring her, I started to look news in everything around me. That’s how I got to know that mumma, pappa are fighting every night with out letting me and Munnu know. I know that Giri bhaiya and Megha aunty are in love. And I know that the Arun uncle’s hairs are not real. It’s an expensive wig he bought from Singapore. And I know he drinks and fights with his brother every day. See, all I have to do is grow up faster and join the TV and be a news anchor.

Munnu is my brother. He is in class 6. He is so demanding. He has my room now. I sleep in grand ma’s room these days. Mumma says she is 70 yrs old. But she looks older. May be 100yrs old. I heard Megha aunty telling Giri bhaiya that it’s not decent of him to ask her age. And they both giggled.
But I keep asking grandma about her age. She tells me that she is 100yrs. She never minded when I ask her age. She is really sweet. But she takes Munnu’s side at times. Like when munnu told he needs a room. She supported him saying that I can stay in her room. Papa, mumma supported munnu. Mumma told me that since I am the elder, I should adjust. Munnu always get away like that. Since he is the younger. At times I feel jealous. But then I will think, after all he is my brother.

He too gets along with Atul and Saurav. But fights a lot with his Saurav’s sister Susha. They too are classmates like Atul, Saurav and me.

Ok that’s about the gang.

I am really looking forward to the evening. We are invited to a party. We mean our gang. Its Saurav’s cousin brother’s birthday party. I have heard from Saurav that his cousin is really rich. He is really handsome. Atul keeps teasing me with him. But Saurav tells that he already has a girl friend.

Well, I am dressing up. Papa got me new jean during Diwali. I loved it. Atul was telling me the other day that it makes me look like a babe.
Well so be it. I wanna be look at best. After all it’s my first crush’s birthday. Let me look like a babe. I cropped my hair this summer. To match my looks with my idol.

Hema madam even addresses me as “Barkha” when she is taking attendance. She knows that I will be the next Barkha. I respect her so much, not just coz she calls me Barkha, otherwise also. I swear.

Ok, so my babe jean and which top? Well, the white cotton shirt makes me look like an executive. I like that look. I think news reporter should look sharp. Like Barkha.
But today, is a special day. A very special evening. Gotta impress people around. Wanna make Atul sound true when he tells “You are looking babe”.
I think I will wear the pink sleeve less t shirt. It’s the one Kareena wore in that hit song. I know it looks good on me too.

Grandma has issues when I wear jean or t shirts. I tell her, “Granny, generation gap you see. This is 21st Century granny”

She keeps murmuring in disapproval. But guess what? Who cares?
I am really looking forward to the evening you see!

So, I am in pink sleeveless t shirt, my favorite blue jean and the black shoes. Mumma is yet to allow me to wear heels. She will, once I am in college.

Only condition papa had is we should be back home before 7 o clock. Exams are close by. We will sure come back soon.

Atul, Saurav as promised came on time to pick me and Munnu. We reached the party hall. It’s by CMH road, Indira nagar. It’s a great place to hang out. Many of my classmates come to CMH road before heading home. Guys even smoke here. It’s news exclusive to me. Atul leaked it to me.

Well we were waiting outside for Saurav’s sister to join us. She is coming with their uncle. I saw a fat guy on the other side of the road. No shirt, only in a lungi; must be his idea of beating the summer. He is now crossing the road to get to our side. He is looking at us. He is speaking something. We can hardly hear. We burst into laugh when Saurav told, he looks a bear.

Ha ha, he really looks like one.

What is he screaming? Bear is having a bad day.
He closed on us. He is swearing. Real bad words. Screaming about something. It sounded vaguely like “sanskruti”, “culture” or something.

Atul sensed something, he pulled me behind him. The bear hit Atul hard. Atul fell on the road. We shouted for help. Then he turned on me. Asking what is that I am wearing?
He hit me. Real hard that my lips started bleeding. A painful sound barged into my left ear and stayed there. Its paining real bad. So many people are standing and staring. I am on the ground. Crying as loud as possible for help.

They-the void crowd- stood there. Staring. Bear attacked munnu also. I can’t see Saurav any where. Bear turned to me again. Started kicking me and abusing me real bad.

None came to help us so far.

Suddenly Saurav came with some people. His uncle, cousin are also there. His cousin just stood there, doing nothing. He too looked like a void, as if he belonged in the void crowd-the people. His uncle seems to be shouting back at the Bear. They are shouting at each other. I can only hear that loud buzz sound which filled my ear couple of minutes back. It’s so painful.

I see they-the void crowd- clicking snaps. The Bear turned around. Crossed the road in hurry and moved away. His mission accomplished???

Uncle held me together. Took me home. Its chaos at home already. Everyone shouting at each other. My cry turned voice less.

I too attained the state –void. But the buzz failed to faint.

Who was the bear? Of course, an animal.
What did I do? What was my mistake? It was Saurav who was making fun of the guy. Calling him bear.

But he sure was a bear who attacks people. I will have to correct that to “who attacks women”

Atul and Saurav won today. After all it’s them who were sure that it’s Men’s world.

Hold on, it’s a bear's world I guess. Then we can call this world a Jungle. Here I can’t be a babe. It’s a sin. They will punish. The bear. Many are out there in the Jungle.

Ya, we live in a forest.
It was all over the local paper the next day. I am news now.

“Moral police attacks another woman”

Moral police? Who are they? The question remained in my mind along with the buzz sound in the ear.

I think I forgot to introduce myself. I am Pooja, the aspiring news anchor who became news this early. I am the victim of bear attack. I am the victim of moral police's attack.
I will remain news for long. The buzz in my ear will remind me of the fact that its after all a Bear's World.


RAKESH .V. said...
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saru said...

another good one. nice mix of all current issues:)

Vsvj said...

Mr. Varun did it again. Its a good one this time. But I'm a lil confused here.. which side should i stay? the crowd , pooja or the bear?? Physically I'm in the crowd and mentally near pooja. But my culture consciousness is telling me Mr Bear has some points on his side. But he has chose a wrong path to convey his message. Ultimately I'm standing still in the crowd.

work_of_fiction? said...

thanks VSVJ for the comment. we cant stand with the beer. its the illiteracy which makes us beer. who has the right to decide what a person should wear? or live his/her life? i beg to disagree with you pal. but, ya there is beer in us. deep down some where in. but we gotta kill that beer. or keep it caged of the rest of its life

Isha said...

I find a part of myself in most of your characters (each one has a story to say in a way),and it seems they all are related somehow. It amazes me the way u portray them. Excellent! Good one :)

I can go on an on with this ' I guess for now m actually on flight of introspection :)

* Looking frwd for yr next post, Keep writting !

work_of_fiction? said...

thanks isha. :)

Dev said...

Nice one buddy. Keep it up. It really is a jungle (or are jungles better?)! Would education help them make this a paradise?

work_of_fiction? said...

Yup dev. i think education if not guns. but the education should be from within.

Ramit said...

Hey buddy ..

nice one ...

society needs to change and rethink on their so-called values ! These incidents are alerts for everybody in the society that future might portray worse events if things like moral values and culture are not taken care of by parents at early age !!

Inspiration said...

Arree yaar, this one is so confusing.... i dont know exactly where it starts and where it ends..... Nice talent of confusing people...

keep writing good things. I feel the story of every individual which you mentioned in this blog is incomplete in some way or the other.


work_of_fiction? said...

ha ha, talent of confusing people? thats a great one. thanks for the comment though. this blog was an attempt being another person and writing on their thought processes. it had to sound distinct than me. the story was about a school going gal.her story.told by her.the abrupt start and end to the real story in the story is indeed done purpusely. i feel all the news around us are abrupt. no heads. no tails :P

Inspiration said...

Yes rightly said Mr. Varun. See your reply for my comment is also so confusing.... I think you need a break.... LOL.

Kunjootty said...

its when people have no other better job in ife they start bothering about other people and start all this nonsense moral-policing. all this shit happens in only when it is tolerated. in any otehr country thes eppl wud have already been behind bars!! not still wandering about 'correcting' society!! and no amount of pink chaddis are gng to correct the mentality of these ppl. they just shut up after some time; it will not change them.
if they were really bothered about the culture and society and all then they should be gng abt banning the 'blue' movies first :-P why is noone doing anything against those types of things?

work_of_fiction? said...

well said kunjootty!

Kalpana said...

Amazing imagination power you have got. You stood in place of a young school girl. Very well written story.
The attack may have been a politically driven one, it could be because of the finantial and social difference we have in the country now a days. Beyond the generation gap, the smaller towns have the older ways of life. It isn't like our cities at all. I am not sure who needs to understand this and compromise, the elders or us, people of the smaller towns or those in the cities.

work_of_fiction? said...

You are right Kalpana.

shree said...

woww ... u didnt it again .... i mean ur every blog ... just leaves u think .... i dont knw which side i m gona be ..or might be i dont wana be on either side a way i alwaz envy u ...i hve alwaz ben a gud reader ..y m i not a gud writer ....u just express things so easily .... the story just flows ....i guess its imagination at its best ... i guess ther r more 2 come .. waitin 4 it

nazneen said...

The thought is very well put across Varun...well written!