Monday, December 29, 2008

Been a while

It’s been a while I wrote something. Not that there is this group of people waiting for my scribbling. In fact making someone read my blogs have been always a tough lessons of marketing.

Personal Health has been year low lately. Let that be physical or mental. Actually mental health was all time low in between. When the break up season was on. The old fox from the grape wine consoles me saying “better one is around the corner,so let her go”. See these foxes are quite optimistic lads. And at times this Robin Sharma in me says “once you go through a puddle, you learn how to avoid another one. Once you realize that you didn’t lose anything but learnt much, mental health swings back in”. See these motivational speakers are damn practical. Ha ha Well everything has a good side and bad side. Life is indeed a circuit of flipflops.

One after the other there has been so many health issues. The year passing by has been the best so far sarcastically. Okay enough of sarcasm bolstering.

The best things have been the friends who stood by. To care me or to make me feel counted. I could see for sure the fine ones. And dear god, thank you so much for keeping the digit double.

Fortunate you see? May god bless them with long life and their ability intact, to stand me ;)

Been a while that I wrote something. There were many threads in mind which I really wanted to write something on. Just to prove the word thirsty page that I too can quench its thirst. But I think I was “oh my god” lazy. Not that I am proud of it, but that’s me you see.

Was fiddling with my mobile when I saw the postulates I saved as drafts. That’s what I do to keep the thread safe in my memory,technically with the help of phone's memory.And then try building it up with some facts and beliefs. That’s the way I write. Not really proof reading the script tactfully enough before I decide that, ok, this can be a blog. That’s about it.

Okay the ideas, threads i am talking about.. They are (as they lie in my drafts folder of mobile)

Rang de basanti . The Independence Day eve, the incidents, food, drinks cultural mix and match. Aamir Khan kissing Alice Patten.

Hmm that’s the draft. The time stamp of draft says 2.03 am, 15th August. It’s December 29th today. Heights of laziness one can say. I was at Barista in Leela. Sipping café latte and having a bite of English breakfast cake. In my mind I knew the country will wake up feeling proud of being free. Being proud about our independence. The emotions were almost the same in me too.

But I liked the contrast created by café latte, English breakfast cake and the idea of being at barista. It looked like the canvas where the director Rakesh O Mehra drew the picture of aamir kissing alice in rang de basanti, the movie. I mean, DJ (Diljeet Singh) kissing Sue (Sue McKinley). Very subtle. No tongue play. A decent, loving kiss. It was metaphorical to Indian kissing the western ideologies. With no tongue play. Quite a cynosure.

Well I wanted to write on it. The thread had real life to prosper. But I just never planted the seed. So transition of seed to plant never happened. “Wonderful happens when we seed a plant”, it’s a famous line from the Green belt revolution. Holds true about our ideas too.
That’s about it.

Fact remains fact, damn! I am a lazy bum!

Another one among the drafts goes like this

Rudaali. Fictitious travel to Rajasthan. Hiring a rudaali. For national cause. Right Emotionless society, Get attention, bad roads, bad politicians, for the broken hearts.

Draft is dated 11th September. Ya I am lazy. We proved it already.

Hmmm that’s about the thread. It’s interesting too. And got good potential subject to write about. But I never did.

But as I see it now,

Recent terror attack at Mumbai was the nature's call to the Rudaali. She cried out damn loud. And she refused to take payment. She said its her righteous duty to cry. That’s what they are known for. Got the attention of the whole righteous world. Finally we have a bruised society who says “Enough is enough”.

But saddest part is many died. We wrote RIP to them with the heaviest heart in our history of tolerance.

Along with the RIP, we wrote “enough is enough”.

Metaphorically, the word RIP is hidden in the pain and agonies of the words. “Enough is enough”.

There are many more such drafts still left in my mobile. But I am feeling lazy now.

So ciao!!! :)


Inspiration said...

Welcome Back! was really missing you here and your blogs... As someone said "Its never too late" so carry on the good work... world is waiting for you to write!!!!!!

All the best! and continue writing good stuffs...


nazneen said...

You lazybum! Write more...want to read more....


Kunjootty said...

u can store up stuff on your blog as edits also. maybe that will get u started up more than keeping them on your cell... :-)