Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentines Day

ee preetiyannu maretu hege baluvudu helu

Ya, its Kannada. I think I read the quote from a friend’s Skype quote.
I made a friend to decipher the above line for me.

hey tell me how to live with out love

Pretty interesting topic. Especially with Valentines Day around the corner.
I think its “love” which glorifies the epoch called “life”.

Hmmm, nice. Wonderful line. Wonderful day. Valentines Day. A day to commemorate the beauty of togetherness, a day to adore and respect “love”.
Having someone to celebrate the day with is such a beautiful feeling. Many of us will agree that. I was one such person the very last Valentines Day. A fortunate one in my own eyes, at least.
The coin’s other side talks about the heroes/heroines, epics, wore and tore tales which glorifies the sacrifices one made. Probably they celebrate the love for each other with in themselves and give meaning to the sacrifices they made.
The day speaks a volume on them. It really does. It should. Showing its courtesy and gratitude for glorifying a common day to this extent.
Life works in the mysterious ways. Makes us a believer and a non believer of it at times.

My love taught me many things. One important lesson learned is the beauty of “letting go”. Our conservative society and its fundamentalist setup always come heavy on many such teeny tiny hearts who tries to make a merry. These conservatives have contributed that very way to this day. Compelled many to “let go”. Thus many became the part of the day as those glorified soldiers who are game_about_sacrificing. Well that made me the army men.
Proudly stand ground saying “My love contributed too to the glorification”.

But more importantly there is the lot who gave so many sacrifices to be with their loved ones. They do steal the show. They contribute way lot to the beautification of the day.
The glorified “Valentines Day”.

To my friend, hey tell me why you would want to live with out love? Lets be the soldier on this glorified day, who live with their “love” in the notion of their mind, in the adobe of their heart!

Very Happy Valentines Day to you my friend!


samatha said...

good one da...
simply superb

Raj said...

Hi Varun,

Really neat once, Clearly shows d feelings of true LOVE!


rose said...

expressed in a beautiful way:)

sunshine05 said...
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sunshine05 said...
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Archana said...

Read it a couple of times in an attempt to actually understand the hidden emotions behind this piece of work....
Good one... n All d Best :)

Harish B E said...

Don’t worry man…. “Preethi Madura… Thyaga Amara…”

anu srikumar said...

nice one....

just a word of caution: even though the whole thing is a glorified ad campaign......Pls dont join the anti-valentines day brigade!!

hope u have company next year ;-) hehe

viji said...

simply superb.... cant comment.. 2 immature 2 do so

Sujitha said...

could feel the other side of the coin..Anywaz everythng happens for the sake of good.. So cheer up friend!!!

padma said...

hey varun,
very beautifully written..well expressed.. nice way of conveying ur wishes to ur dearest!!!

Sree said...

Hi Yaar,

This is the 6th time i am reading your poem trying to figure out what is Love? sacrifice or filled with emotions. Why one has to love to get seperated? Why? Why?

Sree said...

Yes you are right Da,

Love teaches many things about life, but should never stop loving the person who thaught what is "love" to you.

One beautiful meaning of love is, "Love the person whether you get back that love or not" Am not saying first love should be last love but the after effects of first love should be so strong that the respect for the first love increases.

manasa said...

happy valentines day varun :)i dont know why ppl mention true love as a separate entity when love itself is supposed to be a true feeling :)

cheers to ur blog...

work_of_fiction? said...

Thank you, Manasa. I second your thoughts.. Love often gets a overtone of mushy-ness of certain emotions. I guess, its more like a sense of maturity of emotions at times and the detachment of the very maturity at times.

Wishing you too a very happy valentines day!