Friday, August 17, 2007

Its all hearts!!

Feeling really bugged. Should do something. May be should write something. But what?



Well, topics were never an issue so far. I think I should just write. What ever comes onto my fingertips as electrical senses from my brain? But I always wanted to write from the heart. As they say “Straight from the heart”.

So let it be straight from the heart. Every person on this planet have something they want to pen or to say or to paint or to sing or to design or to dance to or to express in someway, their way; straight from the heart.

We all are straight from the heart. The very own existence of us is a reason which is straight from the heart. It’s the heart. It’s the heart which tells us what to do, where brain tells us what not to. It’s the heart which listens to even when the brain stops taking pulses from the ear. It’s the heart which makes us see stuffs we love to. It’s a big lie that its eyes which help us see. Yea may be visualizing things. But when we really want to see what really the thing is, we see it from our heart. Making us fall in love with the thing or may make us end up hating it. Its all hearts. It’s the heart which makes us cry, makes us laugh, makes us whisper, makes us feel warm and secured in our mother’s arm, makes us feel the cold of the rain, makes us kiss a flower, makes us pray, makes us wink, makes us kiss, makes us sing, makes us dance, makes us believe, makes us oblige, makes us follow, makes us touch, makes us free, makes us listen, makes us have sex, makes us have kids, makes us have home, makes us find love, makes us love, makes us want, makes us understand, makes us learn, makes us proud, makes us patriot, makes us brave, makes us simple, makes us walk on those dew-drop-wet grass, makes us feel Goosebumps, makes us relinquish the taste of mamma made chutney, makes us touch the feet of papa, makes us drop those tiny sparkling drops of tear when we see our kid taking his/her first steps, makes us grow, makes us cuddle-up those Sunday mornings, makes us help, makes us write. Its all hearts!

Its love what makes us give the heart away, but its heart which makes us fall in love. It’s the heart which keeps us alive and makes us sing

“Oh i, oh, Im still alive
Hey, i, i, oh, Im still alive
Hey i, oh, Im still alive

Cheers to heart!

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Inspiration said...

Remember, you are the key for both your heart and soul.