Tuesday, January 9, 2007

new day , being super optimistic!!!

I am glad that I reinvented the optimistic and hilarious soul in me today. The incidents so far (since I got up today morning) have been a nightmare come true.

After booting up my shoes I was patting my shoulder with so much ecstasy that I can board the 7.55 am bus (which is cheaper, and takes me to office on time). I was like, well done Varun you did good!

Not only you gave yourself that extra five minute's pleasure of pillow-cuddling, you took relatively less time to finish the morning wannabes. Even the tune I been trying to hum since the winter started, suddenly threw me a visit. With the surplus supply of surprise and enthusiasm, I tried to hum it and opened the shower, oh dear lord only then I realized that "I forgot to turn on Miss. Heater ". Jumped off from her vicinity and stretched out my wet hand to turn Miss. Heater on!

Miss. Heater was taking relatively longer time than her human counterparts to produce some heat and to sooth my shivering naked body!

With the hope that she will produce what she promised I gathered some courage to open the shower tap again. Winter was at its best and was probably enjoying the sight of me shivering like a banana leaf. Sadism is every where!

Shiver had some other tune to hum, my visitor got offended and left without telling me. Would have got offended because instead of giving it attention I was busy with my shower tuning!

Our Police has become role model for many. One of them who got much influenced is Miss. Heater. Only after the whole scene of crime, police reacts. But bathing such a big crime? She thought better late than never. So started producing some hot water when I was washing my towel after I used it to wipe my wet body and hair. Lucky son of a towel my towel cleansed itself in hot water, what a luxury!!

Well I thought its better to wash all the grievance away with some RadioCity."By 2 Coffee" (the program) was rocking. Ah such a relief. With my shirt and pant already been chosen and kept for today I saved some time.

Blue shirt, I love this shirt. It's been a while that I wore this to office. So I was anticipating friends asking me "New shirt? ". Stepped out of house at 7.45am. Then usual "hi and make my day good" to all the roadside temples on the way. Was admiring my shirt in the tainted window's of local real estate agent 's car.

I was pretty impressed. So was someone else I believe. As I took about ten steps from the car towards my bus stop, the Mr. Admirer , ( a crow) showed its admiration all over my Shirt. What they eat so much, to produce so much of waste and so much of stink?? One sms joke flashed in my mind, "thank god that elephants don't fly". I thanked god and the funny sms's author. Took an "about turn" and headed back home. Called up roomie to book the bathroom. Had nothing much to explain to roomies, coz the crow's admiration was pretty visible and was pretty stinking.

Took off the shirt, washed it a bit, took a quick shower off the washbasin and headed to wall robe with confused mind. The only left out shirt (pressed and clean) was the blue one. Took a shirt once wore last week, didn't bother to smell it or see to its usability. Minced it with "due de toilette" .

It was already 8.20. Reached bus stop in record timings. Got into a Volvo after much of negotiation with patience only to know that I may need tones of it. Well Volvo is very much a boon in this chaotic city for people like me. It's a very comfortable bus but can get bit uncomfortable with people plying with truck load of luggage with them. Got hit by a similar passenger who was trying his luck to get out from that super crowded vehicle. It was my head's mistake that it came in the way of his suitcase. The hit did shake up my world a bit. Well at last got a seat to rest my aching back and head. Settled down, dozed of couple of times, a big thanks to the bottle necks and the traffic chaos. A lady asking for her change from the lady conductor reminded me that even I have to get some 15 bucks change from the conductor.

As expected she had a sorry face and sorry feeling while telling "Sir no change with me too".

How can I just let go 15 bucks? So told her to get it from somewhere. Some how she managed to find me the money, and I proceeded towards the door to realize that it's already half a km past ITPL.

Graciously I thanked the impatient driver, inefficient conductor and ineffective myself for not keeping change while traveling. Walked all the way back to office, with head super heavy with ache, but the optimist in me told me to thank the guy with suitcase for not traveling with a "trunk case". I asked the optimist to shut up! And my hilarious soul asked me to burst out. Good half a km laugh, on myself , on the crow (my admirer) ,on my blue shirt, on my co passenger with suitcases, on the conductor , on the driver and upon everyone who were looking at me with a pitiful look thinking "zannak gaya saala" . But oh lord that was a nice laugh with zero inhibitions and zero regrets. Now feeling much better. Still looking very much forward to this great day. I know it ought to be good!!.

Ha ha!!



abhilash said...

May God bless you with more such days as is your wishing i understood.Let more blogs come spontaneously inspiring your composition with such enchanting acts..cou cou..

唐朝娃娃 said...

happy!!! iam new here !!!http://tangchaowawa.blogspot.com/

samatha said...

vow what a day!!! be careful as u r not yet done with the day...but good narration...hope u have such beautiful days ahead :)

Raj said...
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Raj said...

Dude, i guess u didn't concentrate n pray 2 god while passing by roadside temples...:) neways nice mail dude...:)

I wish, u don't come accross such days in future ...:o)


Yashoo said...

Hi Varun nicely written hell of a day u had... probably inspired me to write some my incidents.....

mad said...

Hey, wow!!! what a day.. seriously you really need to be more careful next time.

Hope you never have such horible days ahead..

keep smiling and stay positive and happy always..

mad said...

Hey, wow!!! what a day.. seriously you really need to be more careful next time.

Hope you never have such horible days ahead..

keep smiling and stay positive and happy always..

shruti said...

Hmmm, you poor thing, wat a miserable day for you(fun for the rest of us though)...All thanks to Ms.Heater and Mr.Admirer.Anyways hope u stay super duper optimistic about all your days ahead :)...
and yes Varun you write very well... u were dying to hear that weren't you????

padma said...

neatly written..very good at playing with words..:) anyways u seemed to have had a very extraordinary day...ha ha ha..great exprience though.. hope u have such great experiences ahead too..so tht we can have some time pass reading it ;)

Deepa said...

Hey u have got pretty good comments....
Wat else can i say now...
This is the best blog amongst all those u have written i felt...
Good work.....

Sree said...

Hey, I would rather say:-

Impatient driver, inefficient conductor and mind blowingly sweet Varun.